Connection Collars

Picote Connection Collar System 2.0

The next generation Connection Collar System from Picote provides a 360° resin cured connection rehabilitation system that mechanically bonds to all pipe types. Our unique, fully taped-seam Connection Collars and custom Push Rods allow you to quickly and easily install and rehabilitate connections - with optional steam curing for even faster project completion. Access from main line or lateral


There are two versions available, all with single and double connection options in either T- or Y- configurations: 

GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) for underground repairs

Standard Felt collars for in house applications

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Uses and benefits
  • Seals main line and lateral connections.
  • Protects against infiltration & exfiltration.
  • Use in lined or unlined pipes.
  • Available for standard T & Y connections, and even double connections with 90° or 180° angles between them.
  • GRP collars available for underground use, can also be used with silicate resins. 
  • Fully Taped Seams. Eliminates risk of resin leakage to create a high quality connection.
  • Black Seam Thread: Makes it very easy to visually line up the connection for perfect installations!
  • Steam Port: Unique one-way steam port allows you the option of steam curing, whilst retaining the capability of vacuuming down the Bladder to ease post-curing equipment removal.
  • Custom Push Rods: Addresses the need to have a solution that is both strong enough for pushing and rotation, while also flexible enough to navigate multiple bends.


Technical spec
Main Line Pipe Diameters DN100-225 (4-9")
Connection Pipe Diameters DN50-225 (2-9")
Normal Air Pressure 0.3—1.5 bar (4.4-21.8 psi)
How to use

The system is designed to seal 300 mm (11.8”) up the junction and therefore beyond the first pipe joint in the line to seal the connection, preventing infiltration and exfiltration. Go further with our handy push rods, simply connect as many as you need. The two-way Installation Tool gives added versatility.

There are two versions available, all with single and double connection options in either T- or Y- configurations: 

  • GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) for underground repairs
  • Standard Felt collars for inside of buildings

Silicone Bladders have an increased length for the 'main' section of the bladder. All of the Bladders have a 1m (3.28 ft) long main, providing additional space to get the lateral bladder to completely fit inside the main
longitudinally so you are now able to make the whole 'package' smaller before installation.

Installation Heads, two sizes are available:

  • 31mm (1.22”) for DN100 (4") installations
  • 51mm (2”) for DN150-225 (6-9") installations

Can be used for both ambient and steam curing. A unique cap design allows the use of an integrated one-way flow/steam port. When the flow/steam port is open, it automatically closes when you begin to vacuum the bladder down. If you want to use steam curing, quickly open the port. Installation Tool Heads can be connected to the Push Rods from either end, which reduces the need for additional Tool Heads. The same Installation Tool Head with a Y-bladder on it can be used for downstream (Y-lateral pointing towards) and upstream (Y-lateral pointing away) installations, so there is no need for two differently assembled Installation Tool Heads.

Picote’s custom Push Rods DN100-150 (4-6”) are designed to be both strong enough to push and rotate, while also flexible enough to go through multiple bends when needed. Use the more ridged Push Rod DN100-225 (4-9”) for longer runs. The unique design of the Push Rods also allows them to be used with steam curing. They work as a push/turn rod and air supply, so there is no need for separate push rods and air hoses. They come with unique customized connectors that are small enough to maintain flexibility in bends. Available in 1.5m (5ft) lengths.

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