Maxi Smart Heat Miller

Smart Heat

Picote Smart Heat Millers make the ambient CIPP curing process up to 35% faster, to help ensure completion according to the resin curing schedule.

  • Mini Smart Heat Miller
  • Maxi Smart Heat Miller
  • Smart Heat Cables
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Uses and benefits
  • The Mini Smart Heat is built on a customized Picote Mini Miller frame. It is small and compact making it excellent for use inside buildings. It has 15m (50’) of heat cable.
  • The Maxi Smart Heat is built on a customized Maxi Miller frame with 30m (98’) of heat cable. It is ideal for jobs with hidden pipes or pipes outside of buildings.
  • The separate Smart Heat Cables can be used for curing assistance on shorter projects of 5, 8, & 10m (16, 25, & 32’). These are manufactured to be used with the Maxi Smart Heat Curing Caps.


Technical spec
Temperature 60-70°C (140-158°F) when curing inside the lining
Safety Features Emergency stop, internal GFI
Mini Smart Heat Miller
Range 15m (50')
Power UK/US: 110/125V, 15 Amp
  EU: 220/230V, 16 Amp
Output (W) 1050W
Weight 22kg (49 lbs)
Size 752 x 519 x 389mm
  29 x 20 x 16"
Maxi Smart Heat Miller
Range 30m (98')
Power UK/US: 110/125V, 30 Amp
  EU: 220/230V, 16 Amp
Output (W) 2100W
Weight 53kg (117 lbs)
Size 1150 x 854 x 489mm
  45 x 34 x 19"
Smart Heat Cables
Range 5, 8, & 10m (16, 25, & 32')
5m (16') Output (W) 320W
10m (32') Output (W) 640W
Power Cord Length 2m (6½')
Cable Diameter 21mm (¹³⁄₁₆")
How to use

With worksite proven technology, this easy to use and ecologically friendly option doesn’t use water, so there is no risk of water damage inside buildings.

Especially helpful for situations where low temperatures might make ambient curing challenging - such as hidden pipes, air vents, or pipes located in attics.


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