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Picote Flexi-Sliplining™

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Picote Flexi-Sliplining™ is a trenchless rehabilitation system for gravity sewers DN100-300 (4-12").

  • Installed in over 16 countries since 2016
  • DIBt certified Flexi-Pipe* which has 3 layers for flexibility.
  • Manhole to manhole installation without need for bypass pumping.
  • Picote designed welding & installation equipment

As with all sliplining systems there is a slight loss of inner diameter once the installation is completed, which does not affect flow. Also suitable for house connections.

*Tested under the name Flexirohr

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Uses and benefits

Picote Flexi-Sliplining is a low-emission option to rehabilitate DN100-300 (4-12") non-pressure pipes. 

  • DIBt CERTIFIED! Flexible 3-layered pipe with better flow properties than cast iron, concrete or clay.
  • EASY minimal training and as little as two-man crew required. Fully welded system with no bypass pumping required. Can be manhole to manhole for simple no-dig solution. Pull-resistant couplings available.
  •  FAST pulling speed of 8m (26ft) per minute! No curing required as factory produced pipe. Welding takes approx. 10 minutes per section.
  • EFFICIENT minimal equipment required. Low installation risk. Can navigate bends. It is a new pipe which means that installation is successful regardless of condition of host pipe.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY with no toxic waste. No hazardous chemicals means that it is safe for operators. No emissions during or after installation. Low raw material usage (minimal oil used in pipe) means that there are lower CO2 emissions.
    Where there is water in the pipe, this system can be pulled in place without draining or bypass pumping! Recent UK tidal and under-river case studies.


Technical spec
Host Pipe Diameter Flexi-Pipe Diameter mm Flexi Connector mm Ring stiffness
DN100 / 4" 90/75 90/110 SN8
DN150 / 6" 118/102 118/110 SN8
DN150 / 6" 125/107 125/160 SN8
DN150 / 6" 140/123 140/160 SN8
DN200 / 8" 175/150 175/160 SN8
DN225 / 9" 200/170 200/200 SN8
DN250 / 10" 235/200 235/250 SN8
DN300 / 12" 270/240 270/250 SN4



How to use

As with all sliplining systems there is a slight loss of inner diameter once the installation is completed, which does not affect flow. The ring stiffness class of the pipe is SN8 (DN 270 Flexi-Pipe is SN4). Whilst an ideal solution for main line sewers, in the diameter range, the system is also particularly applicable to the rehabilitation of house connections.


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