Smart Control Box

Picote Smart Control Unit

The Smart Control Unit brings unparalleled ease-of-use and efficiency to your fingertips.

Featuring a versatile dual-function design, this device expertly combines air pressure control and vacuum regulation capabilities. Now, you can seamlessly manage pressure and vacuum down Picote Connection Collars with a simple flip of a lever, drastically reducing set-up time and improving productivity.

Now there is no need to remove the Pressure Regulator or Pocket Vacuum and swap back and forth when preparing and installing Connection Collars. Take control of your pressure and vacuum needs in an efficient, robust, and portable package.

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Uses and benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Housed in a robust aluminium case, portable and lightweight.
  • Simple lever switches between the pressure and vacuum functions.
  • Adjustable pressure control.
  • Vacuum feature bypasses the pressure regulator for full vacuum.
  • Pressure gauges for both pressurizing and vacuuming.
  • Protective design protect all parts, including connectors and instruments.
  • Sturdy carrying strap for easy use and transport.

 Not for use with point repair packers.

Technical spec



Size (LxWxH)



2.8kg (6.2 lbs)

Max Input Pressure

6 Bar (14.5 PSI)

Vacuum Flow Rate

26L per minute

(6.9 Gal per minute)

Max Vacuum Pressure

-90kPa (-13 PSI)

Pressure Guage

-1 to 3 Bar (-14.5 to 43.5 PSI)

Air Regulator

0 to 2 Bar (0 to 29 PSI)

How to use

Use with the Picote Connection Collar System 2.0 to make inflating and vacuuming down bladders at the flick of a switch. It's so easy you can even operate it with your foot while your hands are busy with resin! 


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