How do I buy a Picote Miller or tools?

Head over to the Resellers page of the website at and select resellers nearest to your location.

Do you offer any product training?

Yes, we can provide training at one of our training centres in the USA, UK or Finland.

Alternatively, we can run a virtual training session with you and your team anywhere in the world! For more details, please contact us at

In certain circumstances we can provide onsite support and training at your location (conditions apply and subject to trainer availability).

Can I buy a Miller from you/how much do Picote systems cost?

We have a network of resellers around the world and your nearest one can provide you with pricelists and quotes for the tools you need. Head over to the Resellers page of the website at and select resellers nearest to your location. If you have any difficulties getting the information you require, please contact us at

How can I get my Miller fixed?

We have an excellent network of Resellers and Official Picote Service Centers who have the expertise to fix your Miller. Please contact your nearest or favourite Reseller for more information. If the problem is covered by warranty, they can help with that too.

If you want to contact us directly about a warranty issue, please complete the following Picote Service Request Form.

Can I get replacement parts to repair my Miller?

If you want to replace a part yourself or are unable to return your Miller to us or a Service Centre for repair, some repairs and spare parts can be arranged via our reseller network. Please contact them directly. We recommend that for more technical repairs, advice is sought from one of our technical team before proceeding. Please do not open a Miller/Cleaner control box yourself, doing this will affect the warranty.

Where can I find a manual for my Miller/Picote Brush Coating™ system?

Head to the Picote Institute, sign up for free and you can access all of the manuals for all of our machines. It’s free! You can also access the information using the QR code on your Picote machine.

Can I get replacement brushes for my Twister?

You can order the “Front Brushes”, that is the ones directly behind the Drill Head and Front Metal Panel of the Twister. Please contact your usual reseller with the Twister Part Number that you wish to repair. We can help them to find the correct brush size for you. In general, if you need new brushes for the whole Twister, we usually recommend that the Twister be replaced.

Can I replace the rubber parts of my Smart Spider?

Absolutely! Please contact your usual reseller and they will be happy to supply the parts for you.

Which Miller is best for cleaning different pipe sizes?

DN32-DN70, 1¼-3” Mini Cleaner (all models) (UK up to DN100 for a short section through a non-siphonic toilet) Descaling, specially designed for small diameter and multiple bends.

DN50-150 2-6” (General descaling up to DN150, root cutting up to DN100, reinstatements up to DN70) Mini Miller (all models)

DN50-150 2-6” (Roots and descaling, cutting and reinstating) Midi Cleaner

DN70-150 3-6” (Roots, heavy scale, lateral reinstatements) Super Midi

DN70-250 3-10” (Concrete, failed linings, heavy scale, roots up to DN225/9”,) Maxi Miller

DN100-300 4-12” (Concrete, roots, failed linings, heavy scale) Maxi Miller Power+

Please contact the Technical Team if you have any other questions.

How far does each Miller shaft reach?

Mini Cleaner (all models)- 16m/50’ (NO extensions, for your safety)

Mini Miller (all models)- 16m/50’ (10m/32’ extension)

Midi Cleaner 23m/75’ (add up to one 10m/32’ extension)

Super Midi 20m/65’ (add up to one 10m/32’ extension)

Maxi Miller 30m/100ft (add up to one 10m/32’ extension)

Maxi Miller Power+ 18m/60’ (add up to 2x 11m/36’ extensions)

You can add a matching shaft extension to all of our Millers from the Mini Miller right up through to the Power+ (but not the Mini Cleaner). Mini Millers, Super Midis and Maxi Millers can all make use of 1x 10m/32’ extension shaft. The Power+ can use up to 2x 11m/36’ extensions. Please ask your reseller for more details or contact us to book a course at

Can I fit the same tools onto different Millers?

Millers have different shaft diameters, so in general the tool should match the shaft size. Only 8mm tools should be used on the Mini Miller and Mini Cleaner models. However, there is some flexibility with 10 and 12mm Millers, for example to use an 8mm tool on the Midi Cleaner you would need to use an 10/8 connector and 8mm Leader to fit the 8mm tool onto the 10mm shaft. In general we do not recommend using a larger shaft tool on a smaller sized shaft.

How do I maintain my Miller properly to keep it working well?

You can either return it to your nearest Picote Service Center for a regular service or do the work yourself on a regular basis. Inspecting the shaft regularly and topping up the shaft lubricant are two straightforward things you can do to keep your Miller working perfectly.

Miller maintenance is covered in our official Picote training courses which can be booked by emailing Please also refer to your manual.

How much Power does my generator need to supply to run my Millers?

Power requirements depend on where you are in the world (UK, North America, Europe or Rest of World). When looking at generator for the Super Midi it can be run off standard home outlets (so a generator can be used but isn't always necessary). If using a generator be sure to look for one without a GFCI for the plug you will use the Miller on (since there is already one built into the unit trying to run two in a row will trip the one on the generator) and one that provides good clean power output.

When using 110V use the 230V outlet of the generator to power a 110V transformer. This offers extra power smoothing and stability thus protecting your machine.

Super Midi: 110/120V, 1.5kW, 15 Amp for the UK/US and for EU/ROW: 220/230V, 1.5kW, 16 Amp.

For the Maxi Power+ the power requirements are quite different, and it needs to be run either with the Picote Generator or a comparable unit with 380-400V, 3kW, 3-Phase, 30 Amp output (note: the Picote Generator is 400V, 3kW, 3-Phase, 30 Amp) (5-pin plug type. 3L, N & E).

In general, the generator should have extra power available, above what is required to give “headroom” for working at maximum power.

Does the Generator have to be an inverter for the Maxi Miller to run correctly?

We do recommend inversion style generators because they produce much cleaner power. Power fluctuations/dirty power can adversely affect the Maxi Miller electronics. The Maxi is a 110V / 30 Amp machine. You will either need to run it with an Inversion style generator of at least 3500 watts (or in the UK you would use a transformer plugged into the 240V UK power outlet).


There are several factors beyond potential power limitations that could improve performance:

  • Tooling selection – it is important to select the correct tool for the job. Quick Guides and training can help with this.
  • Shaft friction- When was the last time the shaft was removed, wiped, and lubricated? We recommend doing this quarterly (depending on frequency of usage). The amount of friction that the shaft can experience while rotating in the outer casing can be significant if the shaft is dirty and/or under lubricated (also note that too much lubricant can cause the same issue. We recommend 10 caps of our shaft lubricant for the Maxi Miller, but full instructions can be found in your operator’s manual
  • How far away the liner removal section is from the Miller.
  • How much shaft is still on the Miller. Removing more/all of the shaft from the Miller drum can significantly reduce shaft friction.
  • Shaft connection/shaft condition on the Miller. Sometimes shaft wear/damage in that area can cause friction or other power transfer issues. Lubricating the shaft as suggested above will also help this as you need to remove the shaft to properly lubricate it.
  • Using suitably rated extension leads and the correct length of power lead.


If none of this helps improve the performance of your Maxi, please contact us at one of our Service Centers: please email


Which Millers are best to use with the Mini Pump for using the Picote Brush Coatingsystem?

Mini Miller, Mini Cleaner (all models)

Which Millers are best to use with the Maxi Pump for using the Picote Brush Coatingsystem?

Midi Cleaner (with adapter bracket)

Super Midi (with adapter bracket)

Maxi Miller

Which pipe sizes can I coat with epoxy using the Picote Brush Coatingsystem?

Coat pipe using the following:

Mini Pump with Mini Miller: DN50-150 2”-6”

Midi Cleaner with Maxi Pump: DN50-200 2”-8”

Super Midi with Maxi Pump: DN70-200 3”-8”

Maxi Miller with Maxi Pump: DN70-300 3”-12”

Can I use a different resin with my Coating Pump?

The system has been carefully developed and tested in the field over many months for optimal performance. We have heard reports of other resins being used with our pumps but this has resulted in difficulties with the coating process and with pump itself. We do not recommend using other resin systems with Picote Coating Pumps and doing so would invalidate your warranty.


Can I use the Picote Brush Coatingsystem over the Smart Fill (where available) once it has cured?

Yes, if a CIPP lining is not appropriate.

Can the Picote CIPP liner removal tools be used to remove a collapsed HDPE liner on asbestos cement sewer pipe?

We do not recommend the use of High-Speed Cleaning tools for use on Asbestos Cement Pipes.

Can I use ½”/12mm Maxi Miller tools on my Maxi Miller Power+?

You can also use a 3/4" to 1/2" (18mm to 12mm) specialized shaft connector to then connect your 1/2" shaft and related tooling in some circumstances. Please consult the manual and contact our technical team for advice.

How long must I wait to apply next coat of Picote Epoxy at 20°C/68°F ?

At 20 °C for the Standard Cure Picote Dual Color Epoxy, you would need to wait 2-4 hours or until coating is dry to the touch, before applying additional coats. For the Fast Cure Resin (where available), re-coat time is 1 hour, or until dry to the touch. Using the Picote Heater reduces the drying time needed between coats considerably. Depending on temperature and humidity, you can re-coat with the Standard Epoxy in as little as an hour and the time between coats with the Fast Cure Epoxy can be as short as 30 minutes!

Does the inside of the pipe need to be completely dry before proceeding with the Picote Brush Coating™ system?

Dampness is fine, just ensure there is no standing water prior to coating. You will be fine as long as there is no actual standing water in the pipe. The Picote Heater is a great addition to help dry the pipe out.

Is the Picote Brush Coating™ system suitable for stopping roots from entering the pipe?

Yes, as long as the holes/cracks that the roots are entering in are small enough to be sealed with our coating resin. After removing the roots with a Miller and tooling the pipe can be coated with multiple layers of the Epoxy resin which can seal the cracks/holes and prevent root intrusion.

When I connect to a 110v GFI, it trips. How long of a 12/2 extension cord can we safely use? Can we run the Maxi Miller using a generator?

The Maxi is a 110V / 30 Amp machine. You will either need to run it with an Inversion style generator of at least 3500 watts (or in the UK you would use a transformer plugged into the standard UK power outlet). When choosing a generator be sure to look for one without a GFCI for the particular outlet you will use the Miller on (since there is already one built into the unit’s control box trying to run two in a row will trip the one on the generator). Extension cords need to be rated to the machine (30 amp /32 amp for UK) and be of the correct length.

What is the best and/or recommended CCTV Camera to use with the Picote Mini Cleaner?

The best solution would be to upgrade your Mini Cleaner to the new +C version (by adding the camera upgrade through any of our Authorized Service Centers). It’s worth it to have everything on one unit (easier to transport and easier to use for Picote Brush Coating and cleaning etc.)

What is the maximum diameter liner that can be used in a Cannon?

The maximum liner diameter is DN100 / 4".

How do I become a Picote Reseller for my region?

If you would like to become a Picote Reseller please contact us at and our Business Development Team will contact you!