3D Premium Chain

3D Cleaning Chains

Picote self-adjusting 3D Cleaning Chains were designed to exchange setup time for working time, making a cleaner, faster, and more efficient job site.

Gone are the days of changing tools every time the pipe size changes or adjusting the chain size during descaling. Thanks to a shape-shifting design, you can now use one tool to do the job of several!

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Uses and benefits

Our pursuit of innovation means we are always pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with our tools and 3D chains take high speed drain cleaning to the next level.

  • Come with a pre-built leader making them easier to use and decreasing shaft wear.
  • Self-adjusting depending on RPM. Great for diameter changes where access is limited.
  • No need to readjust during descaling; the 3D chain will keep expanding as it removes material until it reaches its maximum size.
  • We test all of our products extensively both in our R&D center and the field before they ever see the market.
  • Two models available, Premium and PVC.


Technical spec
3D Cleaning Chain Technical Specifications
Shaft Size Pipe Size
8mm (1/3") DN50-75 (2-3")
  DN70-100 (3-4")
12 mm (1/2") DN70-100 (3-4")
  DN100-150 (4-6") for Premium Chain Only
PVC Model For Cast Iron, Concrete, Clay, PVC
Premium Model For Cast Iron Pipes
Operational Guide - Rotation Speed & Chain Opening
Chain Rotation Speed Shaft Size
DN50-75 (2-3") Level 2 - DN50 (2") 8 mm (1/3")
  Level 4 - DN70/75 (3") 8 mm (1/3")
DN70-100 (3-4") Level 2 - DN70/75 (3") 8 mm (1/3")
  Level 3 - DN100 (4") 8 mm (1/3")
DN70-100 (3-4") 800 rpm - DN70/75 (3") 12 mm (1/2")
  1250 rpm - DN100 (4") 12 mm (1/2")
DN100-150 (4-6") 800 rpm - DN100 (4") 12 mm (1/2")
  1100 rpm - DN150 (6") 12 mm (1/2")




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