Smart Spider

The Smart Spider is highly efficient tool for cleaning damaged pipes with missing bottoms or holes where typical chains or other descaling methods may be too aggressive, get stuck in the missing sections or holes, or can come out from the pipe.

Drain cleaning professionals often run into situations where typical chain tools or abrasive cleaning methods can do more harm than good. The Smart Spider provides a safe yet highly effective cleaning solution.

Also good for Fats, Oils & Grease (FOGs) and as a carrier for a CCTV Camera Head over damaged/missing sections to assist in the inspection of the full length of the pipe.

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Uses and benefits
  • The Smart Spider cleans all types of pipes fast and highly efficiently - it is even safe to use in PVC pipes.
  • A unique tool designed specifically for pipes where the bottom or other sections of the pipe are missing.
  • Great at removing fats, oil, and grease (FOGs) from pipes.
  • Easily rebuilt with affordable spare parts and rebuild packages.
  • Can be used to prepare a damaged or fragile pipe for lining or coating.
  • Easily navigates 90° bends.

Smart Spider+ for Maxi Power+ available for tough descaling on larger pipes.


Technical spec
Smart Spider Technical Specifications
Pipe Size Ranges
Midi, Midi Cleaner, Super Midi, Maxi Miller DN100-150 (4-6")
Maxi Power+ DN150-225 (6-9")
Robotic Tooling DN150-200 (6-8")
Spare Parts (Midi, Midi Cleaner, Super Midi, & Maxi Miller)
1390100001 Smart Spider DN100 (4") legs (12 pcs/pkg)
1390100002 Smart Spider DN150 (6") legs (12 pcs/pkg)
1390100004 Smart Spider Axle (6 pcs/pkg)
1390100005 Smart Spider Rubber Flex (10 pcs/pkg)
Spare Parts (Maxi Power+)
1000200059 Smart Hub Disc
1000210059 Smart Hub Disc with hole
1390180001 DN150 (6") Spare legs (16 pcs/pkg)
1390180002 DN200 (8") Spare legs (16 pcs/pkg)
1390180003 DN225 (9") Spare legs (16 pcs/pkg)
1390180004 DN150-225 (6-9") Spare axle (8 pcs/pkg)
1390180005 Smart Spider Rubber Flex (4 pcs/pkg)




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