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Picote Smart Cutter™

The award-winning Picote Smart Cutter is a unique reinstatement, cleaning, and pipe preparation option for DN32-300 (1¼ -12”) pipes. One of our most versatile tools and a must-have for any toolbox.

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Uses and benefits

The Picote Smart Cutter is available in convenient pre-packed Pro Kits that include the most important tools and most versatile tools you need (see Pro Kit Fact Sheets for contents).

  • 3 different panel options to meet your project needs (Standard, XT Extra Rough, & Polishing Panels).
  • 6 & 8 Panel Hubs for higher efficiency.
  • Robotic Cutter attachments available.
  • Prepare pipes for Picote Brush Coating and in-between coats when needed.
Technical spec
Pipe Size Shaft Size (mm/inches)
DN32-40 (1¼ -1½") 6 & 8mm (¼ & ⅓")
DN50 (2") 6 & 8mm (¼ & ⅓")
DN70 (3") 6, 8, & 12mm (¼, ⅓, & ½")
DN100 (4") 8mm (⅓") & 12mm (½")
DN150 (6") 12mm (½") & 18mm (¾") 
DN200 (8") 12mm (½") & 18mm (¾") 
DN250 (10") 12mm (½") & 18mm (¾") 
DN300 (12") 18mm (¾") 
The Smart Cutter™ range has been designed to be operated with the Picote Micro, Mini, & Mini Cleaner with 8mm (⅓”) shaft, Midi Cleaner 10mm (⅜"), Midi, Super Midi, & Maxi Miller with 12mm (½”) shaft or Maxi Miller Power+ with 18mm (¾”). The Smart Cutters™ for 6mm shaft (¼”) are powered by hand drills. 



How to use

Navigating 90° bends and diameter transitions effortlessly, it accurately opens and shapes lateral CIPP connections without accidental damage to the original pipe. It has successfully reinstated hundreds of thousands of connections inside cast iron, concrete, clay, and plastic pipes.

It is also a fantastic tool for removing roots, scale, CIPP fins, resin slugs, preparing pipes for brush coating, and removing failed CIPP linings - even in fragile pipes.


Fact sheet
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US Catalog
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Metric Catalogue
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German Catalogue
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Side Grinding Panels
Available in XT Rough, Cleaning & Polishing
Front Plastic Panel
Gentle option for fragile pipes
Front Drill Head
Use with Front Panels
Front Metal Panel 1mm
For reinstatements
Tiger Front Metal Panel
Specially hardened Tiger Carbides
Tiger Front Drill Head 38mm
For any Twister or Smart Cutter™
Smart Steering Guide
Steer Hub for precision fine-tuning
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