Maxi Power+ descaling tools

Maxi Power+ Descaling

The Maxi Power+ has a versatile range of specialized cleaning tools for tough descaling works inside DN100-300 (4-12") pipes:

  • Smart Spider+
  • Smart Cutter+
  • Premium or Tornado Cyclone Chain
  • Premium or Tornado Original Chain
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Uses and benefits
Offer high performance descaling with the maxi Power+ and a range of custom tools:
  • The Smart Spider+ is perfect for descaling damaged pipes, where the bottom section is missing or there are holes, as the tool won't get stuck. Also excellent for removing fats, Oil & Grease (FOGs).
  • Grind pipe edges with the Smart Cutter+, excellent for removing inconsistencies in the pipe.
  • The Cyclone Premium and Tornado Cyclone do not need to be adjusted. The centrifugal force keeps the chain centred in the pipe, for tough descaling and removing hard deposits. 
  • The Original Premium and Tornado Original Chains are strong and fast options for challenging descaling works.

    Premium Chains feature unique 'U' carbides (7-ridge) which are larger and heavier than other Picote models, making them stronger and faster than other chains on the market.

    Tornado Chains have hardened stainless steel links instead of carbides, making them a long lasting and efficient option (for Maxi Power+ only).



Technical spec
Tool Pipe Sizes / Type
Smart Spider+ DN150, 200 &225 (6,8 & 9") / ALL
Smart Cutter+ D100-150 (4-6") 6 panel hub with special 18/12 shaft connector, DN150-200 (6-8") 6 panel hub, DN200-300 (8-12") 8 panel hub / ALL
Cyclone Premium Chain DN100-300 (4-12") / CAST IRON & CLAY
Tornado Cyclone DN150-300 (6-12") / CAST IRON
Original Premium Chain DN100-300 (4-12") / CAST IRON
Original Tornado Chain DN100-300 (4-12") / CAST IRON
How to use

After using the Twister Liner Remover to remove the failed CIPP lining, any remaining material can be removed with the Premium Cyclone grinding chains or the 6-panel Smart Cutter™ and XT Extra Rough side grinding panels.


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