Picote Mini Roller

Picote Mini Roller

The Picote Mini Roller is an affordable, compact, easy-to-carry, simple to use, powered calibration roller for wetting out CIPP liner.

There is no need to access electricity because your battery-operated hand drill powers the roller, adjusts the speed and direction. Although designed to be portable, it can also most mounted to a work surface.

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Uses and benefits
  • Drill powered calibration roller for wet-out of DN50-150 (2-6”) liners.
  • A handy quick-lock allows you to lift up or completely remove the upper roller.
  • Roller gap height is easily adjusted to meet the liner requirements.
  • The textured roller surface underneath the safety roller cover keeps the liner moving smoothly to prevent wrinkling.
  • Optional liner holders serve as an extra set of hands and help you to easily pour resin inside the liner.


Technical spec
Liner Size DN50-150 (2-6")
Speed Variable: Drill Powered
Weight 7.5 kg (16¹⁄₂ lbs) 
Dimensions 400 x 366 x 145mm
  15.75 x 14.41 x 5.72"
How to use

Portable. Useful for working inside buildings.


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Liner Holder for Smart Roller
Liner Holder specifically designed to fit the Smart Roller
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