Picote Smart Fill

Picote Smart Fill is a unique flowable fill product designed to fill large voids in and around deteriorated & damaged pipes.

The specially formulated blend of open cell polyurethane foam is designed to flow into all of the areas where the bottom of the pipe is missing and then gently expand to fill the voids. After just 15 minutes the Smart Fill will cure and excess foam in the pipe can be easily removed with the Picote Premium Cyclone Chain or Smart Cutter Grinding Panels.

With a newly filled bottom, the pipe can then be safely lined or coated without fear of losing tools or material in what was once hazardous voids.

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Uses and benefits
  • Quickly & easily fill in trench rot and pipe voids.
  • A case of Smart Fill includes 6 dual cylinder cartridges that provide a 1:1 mixing ratio.
  • Smart Fill has a 1 year shelf life.
  • 0% VOC content!
Technical spec
Category Measurement
Pumping Distance 40' (12m)
Delivery Method Mini Coating Pump delivery hose via Smart Mixer
Expansion Ratio 10 times by volume
Reaction Time 1 minute
Cure Time 15 minutes
Storage Temp 40-100°F (5-38°C)


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Smart Mixer 2.0
Battery powered (Li-ion battery) cartridge mixer. Comes in carry case with spare battery, charger & 600ml piston
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