Twister Concrete Remover+

Maxi Power+ Concrete Removal

For DN150-225 (6-9") pipes

The Twister Concrete Remover+ for the Picote Maxi Power+ has dual front brushes for added stability, a heavy duty front panel with large carbides, and a specialized Front Drill Head with star carbides, all of which combine for powerful concrete, grout, slurry, & rock removal. Follow up with the Smart Cutter+ and/or a Tornado or Premium Cyclone Chain to remove any residual concrete from the edges of the pipe.

  • Twister Concrete Remover+
  • Smart Cutter+
  • Tornado Cyclone Chains
  • Premium Cyclone Chains (18mm/¾" Shaft)


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Uses and benefits
  • Recommended for the toughest removal work. Mounts on the Maxi Power+.
  • Save costly excavation to remove concrete, grout, slurry, and large rocks from pipes.
  • Can also grind offsets in clay and concrete pipes prior to CIPP lining for a superior finish.



Technical spec
Compatible Millers Maxi Power+
Pipe Size DN150, DN200, DN225 (6, 8, &9")
Optimal Rotation Speed 1000-1200 (normally)
Options Steering Axle
How to use

The front drill head vibrates removing more material and making a bigger hole in front to  decrease the risk of the tooling getting stuck.

The optional steering axle can allowing steering with the help of a steering wire. This is especially helpful in working in bends - provided the pipe is not completely full of concrete.


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