Liner Removal

Maxi Power+ Failed Liner Removal

Turn failure into a success with the Picote Maxi Power+ and a range of heavy-duty tools for removing failed CIPP linings. 

  • Smart Crusher (2 Drill Heads available)
  • Smart Sweeper+ (2 Drill Heads available)
  • Cyclone Premium Chain
  • Smart Cutter+
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Uses and benefits

No matter how skilled and diligent an installer is, there will inevitably be a lining project that fails to install properly. The Maxi Power+ is the most powerful machine in Picote's arsenal, with a range of specialized and heavy-duty tools for robust and efficient liner removal.

The Smart Crusher and Smart Sweeper+ both have two cutting heads to choose from, depending on the type of collapse, Flat Crusher Head and Drill Head.

Remaining edges can be removed with the Cyclone Premium Chain for 18mm (¾") Shaft and/or the Smart Cutter+.

Technical spec
Smart Crusher & Smart Sweeper+
Pipe sizes for Smart Crusher (Cast Iron Pipe) DN70, 100, 150, 200 & 225 (3", 4", 6", 8" & 9")
Pipe sizes for Smart Sweeper+ DN150, 200 & 225 (6", 8" & 9")
Optimal Rotation Speed: 

1000-1200 rpm (Smart Crusher)

  650-900 rpm (Smart Sweeper+)


Head Options Pipe Sizes
Flat Crusher Head DN100, 150, 200, & 225 (4, 6, 8, & 9”)
Drill Head DN100, 150, 200, & 225 (4, 6, 8 & 9”)
Cyclone Premium Chain
Pipe Sizes (Cast Iron Pipe) DN100-300 (4-12")
Smart Cutter+
Pipe Sizes* DN100&150 (4" & 6") 6-panel hub with specialized Shaft Connector. DN150-200 (6-8") 6 panel hub. DN200-300 (8-12") 8 panel hub.
*DN100 (4") recommended for straight pipes only.




How to use

The Smart Crusher for Maxi Power+ is recommended for the tough job of removing failed CIPP linings to save you from time consuming and very costly excavations. Its strong front stabilizing brushes, heavy duty shaft design, and robust cutting heads make it extremely reliable for working in difficult lining removal applications.

The Smart Sweeper+ is self-centralizing and side grinding, for instances where the collapsed material is around the wall of the pipe. 

There are two different cutting head options help to tackle the various types of lining collapses, which can be fitted to either the Smart Crusher or the Smart Sweeper+:

Flat Crusher Head - works best in situations where the collapse is either positioned in the center of the pipe or has fully collapsed to the bottom.
Drill Head - works best for partial collapses where the top of the lining has sagged. Use with the Smart Sweeper+ when a liner which is too big for the host pipe has been installed.

You may need to alternate between the two Head models on a project as a lining failure is often not uniform throughout.

Remaining edges can be removed with the Cyclone Premium Chain for 18mm (¾") Shaft and/or the Smart Cutter+.


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