Picote Welding Rig

Welding Rig & Installation Tools

Picote R&D redesigned and developed existing equipment to produce high-end tools, making the Sliplining process much easier and enabling it to be adopted for projects globally. These include the unique tools for the welding process:

  • Welding Rig & Inserts
  • Pipe Cutters
  • Pulling Heads and Welding Balls
  • Upper & Lower Pipe Guide
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Uses and benefits
All of Picote's new and redesigned tools make the installing process easier, faster and more efficient. The tools are simple, light-weight and have good ergonomics.
  • The Picote Welding Rig revolutionises Sliplining. Only use what you need. Picote Flexi-Pipe can be cut to size and also comes in 6m (19.6ft) lengths which can be easily welded together using couplings. Easy to transport and store.
  • The Pipe Cutter is used to trim the pipe to correct profile to commence welding.
  • The Welding Ball is used to prevent the weld migrating to inside of pipe during the welding process.
  • The Picote Upper Pipe Guide directs the flexible liner pipe from ground level to existing manhole chamber.
  • The Picote Lower Pipe Guide changes the direction from down the manhole chamber through the invert and into the host pipe that is being sliplined.


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How to use

As with all sliplining systems there is a slight loss of inner diameter once the installation is completed, which does not affect flow. The ring stiffness class of the pipe is SN8 (DN 270 Flexi-Pipe is SN4). Whilst an ideal solution for main line sewers, in the diameter range, the system is also particularly applicable to the rehabilitation of house connections.


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