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Maxi Power+

The Maxi Power+ is our most powerful Miller for cleaning, removing hard deposits, roots, concrete, rock, slurry or failed CIPP linings. Also suitable for reinstatements. Features 18mm / ¾" Flexible Shaft.

  • Reach 18m / 60ft + 22m /72ft extension available ( 2 x 11m / 36ft)
  • High-speed drain cleaning DN100 to DN300 / 4" to 12"
  • Blockage removal
  • Concrete, FOGs or failed CIPP lining Removal
  • Fast reinstatements DN75 to DN300 /3” to 12" (Dn75/3" for straight pipe only)
  • Generator required, 3-phase, 400v. 
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Uses and benefits

The Maxi Power+ is our most powerful Miller for the toughest jobs. Perfect for heavy tuberculate and problem roots. Remove concrete or failed CIPP linings with a range of heavy-duty, specialized tools.  Unique power requirements mean that this beast needs to be ran off a comparable 3-phase 400v generator. Weighs 113kg / 249 lbs, separate control box weighs 16kg / 35 lbs. Operates at 500 to 1500 rpm, 3.0 kW output. Lightweight aluminum frame. For heavy-duty work in larger pipes. 

Standard safety features include: protective outer shaft casing making the cable safe to hold, shielded operator presence foot control, safety clutch, emergency stop switch.

Technical spec
Maxi Power+  
Cleaning / Descaling DN100-300 (4-12")
Cutting / Reinstatement DN150-300 (6-12")
Liner Removal

DN70-225 (3-9")

Concrete, Grout & Slurry Removal

DN150-225 (6-9")


18m / 60ft + 22m /76ft extension ( 2 x 11m / 36ft)

Additional Requirements

400v, 3-phase generator



How to use

The Picote Maxi Power+ is designed for heavy-duty work in bigger pipes:

Descaling | Root Cutting | Reinstatements | Concrete & Grout Removal | Removing Metal Rebar |  Removing Intruding Connections & Displaced Joints | Removing Failed Patches & Failed or Collapsed CIPP Linings | Removing Foreign Objects | Pipe Bungs | Specialized Tooling

Always use with the Picote Generator or comparable 400v/3-phase unit.



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Original Premium Chain
Original Premium Chains available for⅓", ½" & ¾" Shaft. For Midi Cleaner with ⅜" Shaft, use a Shaft Connector
Shaft Connector
Shaft Connectors available for ⅓", ⅜" & ½" shafts (8mm, 12mm & 18mm shafts). Not suitable for Mini Cleaner.
Sleeves for shafts. Available for ⅓", ⅜" & ½" shafts (8mm, 12mm & 18mm shafts). Not suitable for Mini Cleaners.
Flexible Shaft Extension
Extension shafts available for all Miller models except the Mini Cleaner.
Replacement Flexible Shaft
Replacement Flexible Shafts available for all Miller models.
Leaders used to connect tools quickly. Available in ⅓", ⅜", ½" & ¾" (8, 10, 12 & 18mm) shaft sizes
Steering Axle
Steering Axle and Bearing, concrete remover spare part. For fine-tuning or steering tools
Shaft Lubricant
Shaft Lubricant Oil, for rotating Miller shafts
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