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Picote Flexi-Pipe* is a 3-layer corrugated outer layer/smooth inner layer PE pipe which provides excellent flexibility when used as a sliplining product. Installed manhole to manhole as part of the Picote Sliplining method. DiBt certified (*tested under name of Flexirohr). HPWJ tested to 180 bar by WRc in accordance with WIS 4-35-01 2008 appendix B.

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Uses and benefits

There are many benefits to using Picote Flexi- Pipe as part of the Picote Slipining method:

  • For DN100-300 (4-12") pipes.
  • Stand-alone pipe SN4 or SN8 = new pipe for 50+ years!

  • DIBt certified tri-wall pipe, more flexible than traditional PE pipe.
  • Manhole to manhole installation.
  • No emissions during or after installation.
  • Low raw material usage = less CO2 emissions.

  • Fast & economic installation - 8m (26ft) per minute.

  • Can negotiate bends.
  • Easy to transport, store & handle.


Technical spec
Host Pipe Diameter Flexi-Pipe Diameter mm Flexi Connector mm Ringstiffness
DN100 / 4" 90/75 90/110 SN8
DN150 / 6" 118/102 118/110 SN8
DN150 / 6" 125/107 125/160 SN8
DN150 / 6" 140/123 140/160 SN8
DN200 / 8" 175/150 175/160 SN8
DN225 / 9" 200/170 200/200 SN8
DN250 / 10" 235/200 235/250 SN8
DN300 / 12" 270/240 270/250 SN4



How to use

As with all sliplining systems there is a slight loss of inner diameter once the installation is completed, which does not affect flow. The ring stiffness class of the pipe is SN8 (DN 270 Flexi-Pipe is SN4). Whilst an ideal solution for main line sewers, in the diameter range, the system is also particularly applicable to the rehabilitation of house connections.


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Metric Catalogue
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