Small Grabber

Small Grabber

Quickly retrieve lost tools, or foreign objects blocking DN50-75 (2-3”) pipes, avoiding the time and cost of digging and demolition.

There are two customized Jaw designs and two Jaw sizes for each design available. The Jaws can be changed according to the job at hand.

The Small Grabber is easy to operate and is built with simple mechanics. Use a CCTV camera to locate the desired location and simply push it into position. Then, simply turn the handle clockwise to tighten the jaw until you have a solid grip on the object to pull it out and retrieve it.

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Uses and benefits
  • Two lengths: 16 & 32ft.
  • Two models of Jaw sets for different uses: Model 1 (Paw) & Model 2 (Claw).
  • Two packages are available:
  • Value Package: 2 & 3” Model 1 Jaws (Paw version - 2 jaws total).
  • Extra Package 2 & 3” Model 1 and Model 2 Jaws (Paw and Claw versions - 4 jaws total).
  • Comes assembled with 2” Model 1 Jaw (Paw).
  • No need an air compressor.
  • Navigates 90° bends.
Technical spec



Maximum Jaw Opening

2" Model 1 Jaw (Paw): 1.4"

3" Model 1 Jaw (Paw): 2"

2" Model 2 Jaw (Claw): 1.3"

3" Model 2 Jaw (Claw): 1.7"

Pipe Diameters

2" and 3"


16 ft.

32 ft.


Not available


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