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Author Vivien Topalovic reports how Picote High-Speed Cleaning technology is revolutionising drain cleaning across the industry.  

Eight benefits of high-speed cleaning with Picote Solutions equipment 


The benefits of high-speed cleaning with Picote Solutions’ range of equipment have a global history that is now being seen in Australia and New Zealand. Here are eight reasons why trenchless professionals should take note.

Picote Solutions redefines pipeline rehabilitation solutions by providing reliable and multi-use high-speed machines and tools for operators working in small-diameter pipes.

The Finnish forerunner in trenchless technologies has focused on the renewal of pipes using inexpensive, sustainable, and minimally disruptive methods.

Most importantly, through its high-speed Millers and tools, Picote Solutions has developed equipment that is both safe and effective for cleaning without the risks of traditional mechanical cleaning equipment.


Thames Water contacted Picote Solutions with safety concerns and issues regarding the removal of concrete from their sewer network that was currently being undertaken with a combination of Ultra High Pressure and High-Pressure Water Jetting.

The project involved cleaning a 27m DN 150 clay pipe located in a narrow access lane leading to a construction site. The pipe was full of concrete of various depths ranging from 40 per cent to 100 per cent....

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Picote Millers in Australaisia high speed cleaning