Picote Inversion Drum 700 Slim

Picote Inversion Drums

Packed with functionality and with a host of accessories the Picote Lining Inversion Drum Range offers contractors an easy and practical solution for installing CIPP lining.

  • 350 Inversion Drum
  • 500 Inversion Drum
  • 700 Inversion Drum
  • 700 Slim Inversion Drum

All Picote Inversion drums are CE certified.

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Uses and benefits
  • Additional Picote tools such as the Liner Compressor and Curing Caps allow the inversion drums to be used on multiple liners in a single day, improving not only lining quality but efficiency.
  • The 700 Slim features a narrow profile of 59cm (23”) which allows it to easily pass through small doorways. It also features extendable carrying handles, making it easy to carry up and down stairs.
  • The pressure safety valve has a maximum inversion pressure of 14.5 psi (1 bar) keeping both the operator and liner safe.















*Liner capacity is an estimate and is influenced by liner type, thickness, width, and how the drum is loaded. These estimates were based on DN150 (6") dry liner and straight winding inside the inversion drum.


Technical spec
Category Drum Model / Spec
Pipe Range

350: DN50-150 (2-6")

500: DN50-200 (2-8”)

500: DN50-200 (2-8”)


700: DN50-250 (2-10”)

700 Slim:  DN50-250 (2-10”)

Drum Weight


350: 14kg (31 lbs)

500: 38kg (84 lbs)


700: 50kg (110 lbs)

700 Slim: 59kg (130 lb)                            Without wheel stand 50kg (110 lbs)



Drum Dimensions


350: 44x55x48 cm (17x22x19")

500: 63x86x112 cm (25x34x44")


700: 72x91x118 cm (28x36x47")

700 Slim: 59x98x114 cm (23x39x45") Without wheel stand H=96 cm (38")



Liner Capacity  of DN100 (4") liner*


350: 15m (50') 

500: 25m (82')


700: 52m (170')

700 Slim: 52m (170')

Curing Methods


350: Ambient, Steam

500, 700, 700S: Ambient, Hot Water, Steam



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