Cleaning, Polishing, & Grinding Panels

The Picote Smart Cutter hubs have a variety of different panels that can be used depending on your project needs.

The Polishing/Cleaning panels are for use in fine tuning openings or for cleaning fragile plastic pipes.

The Standard Grinding Panels are our original offering for cleaning and lateral CIPP connection openings.

The new XT Rough Panels have larger and extra amounts of grit to make even faster work of cleaning and connection openings.


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Uses and benefits
  • 3 different versions to meet project needs.
  • Versions with or without wedges depending on hub type.
  • Can also be used to remove lead, nails, roots, resin slugs as well as other inconsistencies such as CIPP wrinkles.
  • Once the panels are worn down they can be quickly and easily swapped for a new set.


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