Commercial real estate is big business in the US and the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International Annual Conference and Expo is a great place to update your knowledge, explore opportunities and meet like-minded professionals and passionate companies from a range of relevant industries.


Why are we going to BOMA?

The future is trenchless. It's that simple.


Picote Solutions will be attending BOMA 2024 to showcase our products, solutions and systems to an industry where the difference between traditional renovation methods and the Picote way can make an enormous difference.  Working with us improves budgets, planning and customer satisfaction! Our methods reduce the need to tear out flooring, walls, or landscaping by renovating pipe from existing access points or with minimal excavation to gain access to the pipes. We have solutions for both waste and potable water infrastructure. BOMA GRAPHIC BOOTH 827

Come along and find out what's new with Picote! 
July 14-15
Booth #827

Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA