Bringing European countries together for a common shared benefit is essential in today’s interconnected world. Europe faces many of the same infrastructure challenges.

EUROPEAN NO-DIG will provide a platform for Europe to come together, share, debate and find solutions to many of these challenges.

Picote will be in attendance along with many other innovators from the trenchless community! 

 Tuesday 5 March & Wednesday 6 March 2024

Hotel Andels Vienna House, Berlin, Germany



Picote Conference Presentation

Our very own Senior Director, Dawn Greig will be giving a presentation on Wednesday 6th March entitled "Connection Collar Systems: A Trenchless Solution for Infiltration and Exfiltration Control in Sewer Pipes"
To view the conference schedule, please visit the website at: 

European Society Forum

European Society forum will be held as part of European No-Dig. The forum will provide a platform for Societies to meet and discuss topics of shared interest. Each Society will be given the opportunity to put forward topics they would like to be included.

These topics will be discussed by each society, sharing successes, lessons learnt and future ideas.

To register, and for more information please visit