IFAT is the world's leading network for environmental technologies. It was so good to see thousands of customers and over 40 Picote Resellers too! 

We showcased our latest trenchless technologies, including the Picote Xpress Coating System and the new Picote Small Grabber, along with our tried-and-tested Picote Millers and CIPP equipment. 1

Our priority focus was on the The new Picote Xpress Coating System for 1¼ -12" (DN32-300) pipes. This new system provides faster curing times, no waste, less mess, and minimal setup time for revolutionary cost and time savings.


We also ran "dry" demos with our extensive CIPP range of tools and processes.  Our unique, fully taped-seam Connection Collars and custom Push Rods allow you to quickly and easily install and rehabilitate connections - with optional steam curing for even faster project completion. Access from main line or lateral


Battery Powered Midi Roller is designed for wetting out CIPP liners from DN50-DN225 (2-9”). This lightweight and compact unit can be powered by the integrated battery or plugged in and charged during use. 


Picote Push Rods are both strong enough for pushing, pulling and rotation, while also flexible enough to navigate multiple bends. These also carry steam for faster curing! 



If you have any questions about these or any other Picote products or services get in touch with us directly using the contact form here


SEE YOU IN 2026!