We all had a really great time and it was wonderful to see so many familiar industry friends and new faces. Here is a photo gallery recap of the highlights:


CIPP demos with the NEW! GRP

Connection Collars and Picote Push Rods!

picote connection collarThe next generation Connection Collar System from Picote provides a 360° resin cured connection rehabilitation system that mechanically bonds to all pipe types. Our unique, fully taped-seam Connection Collars and custom Push Rods allow you to quickly and easily install and rehabilitate connections - with optional steam curing for even faster project completion. Access from main line or lateral.

picote push rods cippPicote Pro Packers:

install linings the easy way

The Picote Pro Packer Range includes Bendy and 3D Packers, both thoughtfully designed by in-house CIPP experts for easy and efficient installations. 

picote pro packers

Bendy Packers: Designed for small diameter pipes where installations are difficult. These packers can be pushed through several bends to the renovation location within the pipe system.

3D Packers: For straight pipes and pipes with diameter transitions


Complete CIPP demos

from  Wet-Out to Reinstatement

wetout table and midi roller

  • Picote Vacuum Pump for ensuring a flawless impregnation
  • Midi Roller and Wet Out Station to speed up the process and ensure even thickness
  • Picote Cannon and curing cap making installations quick and easy even in tight spaces
  • Picote Pressure Guard for remote monitoring and peace-of-mind curing
  • Picote Liner Compressor to give a smooth transition 
  • Picote Midi Steamer to control and speed up the curing process
  • Reinstatement of lined connections to open up the laterals using the Picote Twister range



Tours of the Picote Production Facility!

open house montage


The NEW Xpress Coating System demos in DN100 and DN50
pipes with multiple bends!picote xpress coating system

Our new Xpress Coating System for 1 ¼ -12" (DN32-300) pipes provides faster curing times, no waste, less mess, and minimal setup time for revolutionary cost and time savings.

The heart of the system is the innovative Xpress Coating Pump featuring dual hydraulic resin cylinders for the new 1: 1, single col or epoxy. It has a built-in extended life battery and internal resin heater providing several hours of working time (it can also be operated while charging). The system also includes a motorized Delivery Hose Reel with 131 feet (40m) of delivery hose allowing for easier setup, movement and storage.

Picote Open House 2023  12


Picote Flexi-Sliplining demonstrations with the Picote Welding Rig

picote flexi sliplining welding rig

Picote Flexi-Sliplining offers emission-free manhole to manhole trenchless rehabilitation for gravity pipes from DN100-300 / 4-12" using unique three-layered corrugated DIBt certified PE pipe.


Concrete removal demos with the Maxi Miller and Maxi Miller Power+

liner and concrete removalThe Maxi Power+ is our most powerful Miller for cleaning, removing hard deposits, roots, concrete, rock, slurry or failed CIPP linings. Also suitable for reinstatements. Features 18mm / ¾" Flexible Shaft.

The Maxi and Maxi Plus Millers are high-speed, high torque powerhouses for cleaning, removing hard deposits or failed CIPP linings, lateral reinstatements and Picote Brush Coating™ featuring 12mm /½" Flexible Shaft.


 NEW Small Grabber Competition

The challenge was to extract a small Cyclone Chain from the box in under 5 minutes, which sounded easy. But our Technical Manager Olav Törnroos had designed a fiendish challenge with many twists and turns and even a couple of traps to make the task nearly impossible! 

With the new design of the Small Grabber giving options including a hook, a magnet and a small and flexible "grabber" design, there are more tricks available for extracting lost tools than ever before

 The new Small Grabber is coming soon, so watch this space!

1st Place: Christos Antoniou (Green Moles) with a time of 00:55.19 seconds!

 2nd Place: Sean Wilson (APS) with a time of 1:41.81 seconds

Congratulations to everyone who rose to the challenge! 

open house set We hope to see you in Finland for the

Picote Open House 2024!

open house montage 2